Petmate Chuckit Flash Led Medium Ball For Dogs

$8 $19


  • Extend fetch time to early mornings & late nights with Chuckie! Light play fetch toys!
  • LEDs fade between colours, creating a constant motion that helps dogs see the ball when it is stationary
  • Features 2 ultra-bright, colour changing LED lights
  • Compatible with medium Chuckie! Launchers
  • Replaceable batteries included



You can play with your pet even during the early mornings or late nights with the Chuckit!® Flash LED Ball. This ball is equipped with two ultra-bright, color-changing LED lights that shift from one color to another, allowing for easy identification of the ball in the dark.


  • Brand: Petmate
  • Manufacturer: Petmate
  • Importer: Value Pets India
  • Country Of Origin: US
  • Net Quantity: 1 Count

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