SmartyKat Smarty Stash Cat Toy

$11 $34


  • Packs 13 kitty-approved toys including raffia teasers, balls, mesh flingers and more.
  • Supports independent or interactive play, and provides the enriching variety cats love.
  • Includes a packet of catnip to make playtime even more irresistible with a boost of stimulation.
  • Great to add daily exercise to support toned muscles and keep your kitty active and healthy.
  • Made with pet-safe materials and is the perfect playtime starter set for cats of all ages.


Treat your feline to an assortment of playtime activities with the SmartyKat Smarty Stash Variety Pack Cat Toys. This fun-filled toy set is sure to be a hit with your furry companion, featuring a selection of lightweight items such as raffia teasers, mesh flingers, and more. Plus, the included catnip helps to increase your pet's excitement. These toys are great for independent play, yet light enough for you to throw and watch your kitty take off. Not to mention, they're made with pet-friendly materials and are an excellent way to provide daily exercise and mental stimulation.


  • Brand: SmartyKat
  • Manufacturer: SmartyKat
  • Importer: Value Pets India
  • Country Of Origin: US
  • Net Quantity: 1 Count

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