Meo Adult Cat Food Seafood Flavour 450 Gm

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Me-O Adult Cat Food Seafood Flavour 450 Gm is a nutritionally complete cat food that invigorates your feline’s overall health and wellbeing. Seafood is a natural source of omega fatty acids that improve eye as well as bone health in the cats. This diet has a low sodium content that avoids the risk of kidney, heart disease and low blood pressure. The presence of vital minerals in this cat food ensures that your felines are absolutely immune to Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Me-O Adult Cat Food Seafood Flavour is also rich in Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin D for making the bones and teeth absolutely robust. For reducing the environmental stress and also for boosting the immunity, Vitamin C is present in the diet in sufficient quantities.


Poultry by-product meal, Vegetable Protein, Brewers dried yeast, Vitamins, and Minerals, Wholegrain Cereals, Chicken fat, Fish meal, Cassava, Fish digest, Iodized salt, Tuna by-product meal, Taurine, Antioxidants, Food colouring.


  • Brand: Me-O
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Companion Group Company Limited
  • Importer: Perfect Companion India Pvt Ltd
  • Number Of Items: 1
  • Form: Pellet
  • Country Of Origin: TH
  • Diet Type: Non Vegetarian
  • Net Quantity: 450 G
  • Special Use: Behaviour, Weight, Immune, Muscles, Training
  • Care Instruction: Keep In A Dry Place
  • Intended Use: Behavioural Training, Healthy Muscles, Complete Nutrition

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