PetSafe Staywell Aluminium Small Door for Cat & Dog

$9 $10


  • Small dog flap: For small dogs and cats up to a maximum of 7 kg
  • animal size of 20.6 cm and 13.2 cm shoulder width
  • Includes cutting template and plastic screws for easy installation
  • Slide-in closing panel included
  • Soft, transparent single flap for weather-resistant seal
  • Solid aluminium frame with reinforced corners
  • Fits wooden doors, brick walls, PVC, UPVC and metal doors.
  • No tunnels can be added for larger cutouts


This door grants your pet all the freedom they need. It is easy to install, and its sturdy aluminum frame has reinforced edges designed for frequent use or multiple pet households. The flexible, soft flap is tinted and adjustable. It has a magnetic flap and pile weather stripping around the sides of the flap opening to provide a weatherproof seal. A closing panel is included to enhance the weatherproofing or to limit your pet's access to the pet door. Installing this pet door is a straightforward DIY job which is suitable for doors of up to 51mm in thickness.


  • Brand: 
  • Manufacturer: PetSafe
  • Importer: Value Pets India
  • Country Of Origin: US
  • Net Quantity: 1 Count

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